Birds of Paradise Ice Cream New Exclusive Flavours and Sandwich Bar

Inspired by the botanical flavours of nature, Birds of Paradise ice cream comes highly recommended name when it comes to artisanal gelato in Singapore. It’s even listed in the Michelin Plate, an accolade given out by the Michelin Guide to recognise quality food! What makes them so special is that as far as possible, Birds of Paradise’s unique flavours are made from premium, natural and botanical ingredients: fruits, flowers, pods, herbs, and spices.

Before we get into it, let’s take a look at what really is the difference between ice cream and gelato? While both involve essentially the same ingredients of milk, cream and sugar, the difference lies in the fact that gelato uses less cream and more milk. This in turn means that gelato packs the same rich flavour, but with less sugar, fat and calories! For those who are less tolerant towards cloyingly sweet desserts, gelato should appeal to you as they are less sweet without that artificial flavouring and colouring.

birds of paradise mandai
Credit: @bopgelato

Since its establishment in 2016, the homegrown gelato boutique has gone from strength to strength, recently opening their fifth outlet and new dining concept – Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique & Sandwich Bar – nestled in the heart of Mandai Wildlife West. It is free to access and aptly located outside Bird Paradise, the new bird park!

birds of paradise-Strawberry-Pandan-Sundae
Credit: @danamicorg

On the menu, expect an expanded range of dairy-free gelato and superfood toppings, including brand new items such as the Strawberry and Pandan Sundae, a refreshing creation topped with coconut flakes, pomegranate seeds, and coconut blossom nectar for natural sweetness. 

birds of paradise Banana & Coconut Caramel
Credit: @bopgelato

There’s also the Banana & Coconut Caramel which is inspired by the diet of the native Oriental Pied Hornbill. The enticing concoction is made with banana gelato swirled together with house-made coconut caramel. 

birds of paradise smoked chocolate
Credit: @bopgelato

One that is sure to appeal to our inner child, Smoked Chocolate is made by lightly smoking non-dairy chocolate gelato. 

Last but not least, Coconut Yoghurt – a re-imagined version of frozen yoghurt that will launch in June 2023. 

birds of paradise gelato shake mandai
Credit: @bopgelato

Another creative pairing with their gelato are new shakes on the menu, made with only two ingredients: gelato and regular milk or oat milk. The Strawberry Basil Shake (S$9.80) is a must-try beverage that pairs the sweet and juicy fruit with punchy basil notes!

birds of paradise white crysanthemum sea salt hojicha
Credit: @bopgelato

Of course, there are also familiar crowd favourites, such as the White Chrysanthemum. Cacao nibs are scattered throughout this creamy chrysanthemum-infused gelato, making for a very refreshing dessert that is sure to be a hit with those who love floral flavours. Those who prefer darker and more robust flavours, the Sea Salt Hojicha is earthy and nutty, featuring roasted green tea with a dash of Himalayan pink salt.

birds of paradise midnight gianduja
Credit: @bopgelato

Or, go for the jet-black goodness that is Midnight Gianduja, made with Italian hazelnuts and dark chocolate.

A Single Cup at Birds of Paradise is priced at S$5.50 and a Double Cup at S$9. Top up S$1.30 for their signature handmade thyme cones. Premium flavours such as Pistachio, Vanilla Fig and Midnight Gianduja are priced at an extra S$1 per scoop.

birds of paradise sandwich
Credit: @bopgelato

If you’re craving for something hearty and savoury instead, the all new Sandwich Bar offers comfort-food staples that are land-meat-free and reinterpreted with a signature botanical twist. The sandwiches are made using rye-sourdough and feature fresh ingredients such as coriander, crunchy pistachio, pink torch ginger blossoms, slow-roasted tomatoes, and sprigs of dill. 

birds of paradise egg mayo
Credit: @bopgelato

Dig into yummy creations like the Egg Mayo Sourdough (S$10.80), paired with a curious combination of coriander and pistachio; Grilled Triple Cheese (S$12.80) with rojak flower; and Tuna & Gouda (S$12.80), complemented with dill and slow-roasted tomatoes. Kid-friendly options are available too, such as the Egg Mayo Toastie (S$9.80) or Double Cheese Toastie (S$10.80), both served on soft White Country Loaf!

birds of paradise mandai 1
Credit: @bopgelato

In addition to serving up gelato and sandwiches, Birds of Paradise is committed to sustainability and the new outlet uses materials made from recycled waste. For example, the tabletops are made from upcycled pink marble and plant waste from the gelato-making process! Now you know where to chill out after spending your time birdwatching, and soak in the natural beauty of the surrounding area while have a cone!


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