Coffeesmith: Korean Coffee Joint With Coffee, Cocktails, Brunch and Dessert

Can’t live without coffee? Here’s a spot to sort you out from the early hours of the morning all the way into late at night. Hailing from Korea, Coffeesmith is a coffee chain with 24-hour outlets at Orchard Gateway, Northpoint and Westgate. The brand first gained popularity partly because of its association with some Korean dramas, with scenes being filmed in Coffeesmith outlets! Exuding chill vibes with its signature industrial and woody interior, their spaces offer a cosy spot to hang out, unwind and watch the world go by.

Credit: @coffeesmith_singapore

The name Coffeesmith is derived from the English suffix “-smith”, which means that someone is a skilful craftsman of one’s product. Here, five different types of Arabica beans are blended – or say “crafted” – carefully for the true coffee lover. Apart from coffee, Coffeesmith offers a selection of frappe, brunch items, waffles, cakes, bingsu and even draft beers. 

coffeesmith cafe latte
Credit: @HiLush

The Cafe Latte (from S$6.50) has an inviting richness and warmth that one expects from the best coffee – from its smell all the way to its aftertaste. A great cuppa for a boost in energy!

coffeesmith iced
Credit: @danielfooddiary

Want something cold instead for a hot day? Why not check out the Ice Caramel Macchiato (S$8) that offers a cool stream of creamy sweetness as it washes down your throat? Or, the Iced Latte (S$7.00) that is balanced, not too acidic, and moderately strong to keep you awake. 

coffeesmith iced mocha
Credit: @serenetomato

The Iced Cafe Mocha (S$8) is also worth a mention, especially since other renditions tend to be overly sweet from the addition of chocolate syrup, but the one at Coffeesmith has an intense coffee flavour with just a hint of chocolate yet not too distinct. We’re guessing that they incorporate cocoa powder instead of the usual chocolate syrup. 

coffeesmith iced yoghurt frappe
Credit: @serenetomato

For a less caffeinated option, check out Coffeesmith’s range of frappes. Expect flavours like Coffee, Chocolate, Caramel, Oreo and Green Tea, as well as more unconventional flavours such as the Iced Yoghurt Frappe (from S$8.50). Featuring a slushie of yoghurt blended with ice, the slightly tangy flavours really perk you up without being overly sugary. If you enjoy popular Korean snacks such as yoghurt-coated nuts or even the occasional Yakult Ace Light, you will surely find this pleasant and worth a try!

bailey's coffee cocktail
Credit: @siming

For a boozy twist, the Bailey’s Coffee Cocktail (S$13.90) is interesting because you’ll be hard-pressed to find alcoholic drinks at our usual coffee joints. With a nice mix of coffee and Bailey’s. The cocktail is a fun way to perk from a slow Monday afternoon. Though it might’ve been even better with a more pronounced taste of chocolate.

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Credit: @fuzzieapp

If you need some grub to go with your coffee, the Ham & Cheese Croissant (S$10.90) is a popular pick. While a simple dish, it is also comforting and filling. The ham, cheddar and lettuce are fantastically balanced, but the winner is the bread: crispy but yielding on the outside, then warm and soft on the inside.

coffeesmith sunday brownie

For a sweet treat, the Sunday Brownie (S$9.50) is sure to please, with a generous piece of chocolate brownie topped off with a large scoop of ice cream. The brownie is moist and chocolatey and together with the decadent ice cream it makes an enjoyable treat!

coffeesmith smith waffle
Credit: @coffeesmith_singapore

The Smith Waffle (S$10.90) comes with a generous side of jam and cream. It is not just aesthetically pleasing, but delightful for the tastebuds too. Served warm, they are crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy and soft on the inside. While they might not be the absolute best waffles that you’ve ever had, they make a good choice for days (or nights) when you need a quick waffle fix and other dessert joints have already closed.

coffeesmith brownie bingsu
Credit: @coffeesmith_singapore

Coffeesmith also serves a range of bingsu that comes with finely shaved ice that is milky and isn’t bland at all. They melt in your mouth, not in the bowl. While the bingsu flavours aren’t super unique, they’re solid offerings. The Green Tea Bingsu (S$16.90) comes topped with matcha ice cream and matcha powder that has a slight bitterness, while the shaved milk ice and azuki beans add a nice sweetness. Prefer chocolatey flavours instead? Go for the Choco Brownie Bingsu  (S$16.90) which is dense and fudgy. The cocoa powder is just sweet enough without being too overwhelming, and the brownie chunks add a nice textural contrast.

If a noisy club or a bustling eatery isn’t your kind of thing, Coffeesmith is the perfect place to spend a quiet night, drinking coffee, cocktails and having some good food with select company. Let the coffee and conversation flow all night!


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