Penang Seafood Restaurant: Authentic Penang Food and Tze Char Dishes

Located in Aljunied, Penang Seafood Restaurant is a tze char restaurant with a twist – they serve a menu that consists of both local and Penang’s best dishes! So round up your family and friends and head down for a scrumptious encounter here.

penang seafood restaurant
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Spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating optimised for group dining, the restaurant also has claw crane game machines, a koi pond, live seafood tanks and even an arowana aquarium. It can get crowded during peak hours, so it is recommended to call ahead and make a reservation before going down. Otherwise, be prepared to stand in line. The restaurant itself is noisy and vibrant, which is what you’d expect of a typical Chinese tze char spot.

Food at Penang Seafood Restaurant

volcano chicken
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One of the signature dishes at Penang Seafood Restaurant that is sure to wow everyone is the Volcano Chicken (S$58), where the chicken is “set on fire” right before your eyes! Before that happens, the chicken is first baked till golden brown in a charcoal oven, imparting it with a smoky profile. Afterwards, hot oil is doused over the chicken repeatedly, ensuring a crispy skin yet still maintaining its tenderness inside. Kaoliang liquor is then drizzled over before the chicken goes up in flames!

chilli crab
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Chilli Crab is a local classic, yet there is always something a little different about the sauce at every restaurant. The Chilli Crab (market price) at Penang Seafood Restaurant is packed with flavours: decadent, eggy, sweet, and tangy, perfect when paired with some deep-fried mantou! The crab itself is fresh and meaty, and you would definitely be licking your fingers at the end of the meal.

white pepper crab
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Apart from classics such as Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab, the White Pepper Crab (market price) is not to be missed as well. Whipped up using top-grade white pepper from Sarawak, the sauce packs a punch, delivering piquant, peppery, and strong garlic flavours that complement instead of overpowering the sweetness of the crab meat. 

penang char kway teow
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How can we forget Penang Char Kway Teow (from S$8) when talking about Penang cuisine? The serving size is very generous and great for sharing, and a plate held a good amount of thin kway teow, egg, squid, lap cheong, bean sprouts, cockles and bits of pork lard, all stir-fried into a glorious, yummy mess. There is a good balance of flavours and a fragrant wok hei, along with a light, appetising spiciness that helps to cut through the grease. 

assam laksa
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Another recommended dish is their Penang Assam Laksa ($8). To make the flavourful laksa broth, it is painstakingly simmered for a minimum of 4 hours. Giving the thick bee hoon a good stir you’ll find fish meat alongside fresh vegetables such as cucumber, onions, chillies, pineapple, lettuce, mint and pink ginger flower. Made with tamarind and other spices including turmeric and lemongrass, the spicy, piquant, and refreshing broth is really intensely flavoured and tasty. Every spoonful is appetising and it will be easy to finish the laksa to the very last drop!

salted egg sotong
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Other dishes worth checking out include the Fried Sotong With Salted Egg (from S$18). An appetising golden-yellow, its aroma will leave your mouth watering. The fried sotong has a good crunch and is a winning combination paired with the savoury salted egg sauce, chopped chilli and curry leaves. It might just be one of the best, if not the best, salted egg dish in Singapore.

With its authentic Penang dishes and well-executed tze char, it’s unsurprising why Penang Seafood Restaurant is a spot that people want to return to time and again. It’s not just a great spot for easing your Penang food cravings, but the extensive menu is sure to have something for everyone too!


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